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Frozen Vegetables are More Nutritious Than Fresh Vegetables

Nov. 02, 2020
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According to Frozen Food Supplier, many people think that frozen food is unhealthy, so they also think that frozen vegetables are not as fresh and nutritious as ordinary fresh vegetables, but this myth is actually quite wrong! Studies have shown that the nutritional value of frozen vegetables is actually higher than that of ordinary fresh vegetables!

According to reports, once harvested, any fruits and vegetables will immediately turn on the genes that were in a sleep state for self-degradation; in the cycle of the biological chain, the intention is to allow the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables to return to the soil to nourish the vegetation. , In order to continue to produce the next generation of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, as long as the fruits and vegetables are harvested, the internal chemical substances will begin to change, and the nutrients will slowly degrade and lose. When most agricultural products are delivered to the market, they will no longer be as fresh and nutritious as they were just picked.

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

Moreover, in order to facilitate long-distance transportation or maintain a better appearance, farmers sometimes harvest the fruits and vegetables before they mature. The time for the fruits and vegetables to develop complete vitamins and minerals will be reduced. Even if the appearance of the fruits and vegetables continues to mature, in reality, The nutrients contained in it have long been inferior to the complete and mature fruits and vegetables from the branches. In addition, fruits and vegetables are exposed to a lot of heat and light during the transportation process, which degrades some nutrients, such as the weaker vitamin C and vitamin B1.

According to Rist, a plant physiologist at the Texas Agricultural Research Center of the United States Department of Agriculture, Frozen Vegetables are usually frozen at the peak of vegetable maturity. At this time, the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables is just the highest, which can lock the most nutrients and antioxidants. Live, retain the freshness and nutrients of vegetables, and will not affect their flavor.

We all like fruits and vegetables that look beautiful and fresh. We are picky about selling frozen vegetables that are not good. We don’t know that Organic Frozen Vegetables have more benefits and are cheaper. If the fruits and vegetables you want to eat are in the off-season, frozen vegetables are also one of them. Good choice!

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